Monty Hall problem, information view

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In my last post, I went over the curious case of the Monty Hall problem. Before you read this post, you should read the other one. In this post, I want to look at some of the aspects of the problem from the point of view of information. In the initial setup, there are three possibilities. This table shows these possibilities with a “1” indicating the prize and a “0” indicating no prize. Door A Door B Door C C1 1 0 0 C2 0 1 0 C3 0 0 1 Each of the three possible conditions of the world, C1, C2, and C3, occur with a probability of 1/3. So the entropy in this situation is...

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The Monty Hall Problem

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As a digression from tensors, imagine that you are on a game show. The idea of the game is to win a car. The host shows you three doors and tells you that behind one of the doors is a car and behind the other two doors are goats. The host wishes you good luck and asks you to pick one of the three doors, which you do. Upon doing so, the host then opens one of the doors that you haven’t selected and shows that there is a goat behind this other door. At this point, the host gives you the opportunity to stick with your original selection or to switch to the other remaining door. What...

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