Is gravity an entropic force

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In 2011, Erik Verlinde published an extremely challenging paper on the question of whether gravity is an entropic force. Correspondingly, Verlinde also suggested that space or relativistic space-time are emergent, as opposed to fundamental, phenomena. Since Verlinde’s paper, others have offered similar treatments for the electric, weak, and strong forces. Verlinde’s hypothesis is based on a relatively small, explicit set of assumptions. First, of course, is that entropic force exists. To this, there is little opposition since the concept has been around since Gibbs if not...

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Gravity, electrodynamics, and the Planck length

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One of the reasonably obvious features of our world, as it stands, is that the electrical force is much stronger than gravitation, at least at the scales of length and energy that we are familiar with. To see that this is true, simply consider how easy it is to pick up small bits of paper with the electrostatic charge on a comb that you’ve pulled through your hair a few times. There is no way that the gravitational attraction between the comb and the bit of paper would ever yield a force of equivalent magnitude. Newton’s equation for gravitational attraction is as follows: where...

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