Who am I?

I am Allan Angus, designer of what may be the best one-way and two-way paging system ever built. Well, I never claimed to be humble. OK, I had help; a lot of very high quality help. Credit also goes, in no special order, to Graham Jones, Selwyn Hill, John Davis, Vick Cox, Randy Jones, & Ross Buckenham. That system was rolled out by a company called PageMart, which became WebLink Wireless, which merged with Metrocall, which merged with PageNet and became USA Mobility, which is still around.

I got excused from the scene somewhere after Metrocall & before USA Mobility. Paging fell on hard times after 9/11/01. I could never quite understand that. Paging systems have traditionally stood up well under all kinds of disasters, including that one, but also Hurricane Andrew, floods in New Orleans, and on and on. Cellular systems failed near Ground Zero and paging systems, including two-way, kept on ticking.

Ten years later, paging systems seem to be relegated to the junk heap of techno-history. That’s a pity. I think most folks just don’t understand paging; I certainly didn’t when I started in paging back in 1996. I was a relative new-comer, having lately arrived from the busy world of cellular. Having worked by then in cellular and land-mobile radio since around 1983, and in cellular standards since 1988, I figured I walked on water as far as understanding radio communications was concerned.

How wrong I was! I went to work for PageMart and really began learning about radio, fast.

Meanwhile, I continue to blog about paging, wireless communications, and science in general. All things that fascinate me. Hope they interest you too.

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What I do

Well, these days I spend most of my time doing photography. Look here for example. I guess I am increasingly into web design, like here or here or here.

Still, I’ve been an electrical engineer since 1980 or so; and my history in radio communications goes back to 1969 when I worked putting in community radio stations in remote sites. That was called Radio Kenomadiwin. Google that if you want some history in how communities of interest were formed before facebook.

Along the way, I was audio-visual technician & computer engineer (working for Control Data back in the day in their IBM plug-compatible group). I picked up diplomas in electronics, and degrees (BSc Physics, MSc in electrical engineering, and an MBA). I got licensed as a P.Eng. back in Canada, where I’m from, and in the US as a PE. Now I’m retired. During the journey, I figured out I had the creds to join Mensa, but I never applied. Maybe I’ll get around to that some day. I did become a Senior Member of IEEE a while back.

So now I get to sit down and write every once in a while. I have other sites where I write about other things, like photography. Here, I’ll write about paging systems and physics.

It’s a pity about paging falling on hard times; I know I’m in a minority in saying this; but it’s true. There is relatively little serious material in the literature about paging, or more specifically, about real simulcast systems.

Maybe I can change that here. Better yet, and I know you’re all out there; the folks still working on paging, or who’ve worked on it in the past, can contribute here too.

Then perhaps the world will “face paging”.

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Our Mission

Our mission here is simple:

Improve the understanding of paging technology in the technical community. OK, well look. I know that very few people any more care about paging. Let’s be frank. So, I’m throwing in some topics of more general interest on science as well. Why? Because it amuses me.
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Technology and Science

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